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. officers said the driver crashed right into a tree and alcohol is not suspected in this crash, they still need to ask the victims in the hospital some questions before finishing their investigation. they continued to store power at one point more than 6,000 customers were affected and right now only 29 customers were without power and they are still waiting for a call from pg&e to figure out what caused that outage. it was rainy overnight and it looks like it has led up for now and let see if any of it is coming back. >> we received quite a bit, 3 /
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10s to about an inch and we continue for the sierra. one thing at home we are looking at mostly cloudy conditions, a little bit of fog developing behind this storm and we are giving you a live look over the area, a mix of clouds, near santa cruz and along the coastline, showing you just a few bits of rain as it continues to push east and we have the possibility of a few scattered showers but this system is now moving out of here, picking up parts of the east bay and we are driving out and we are looking at a partly cloudy day to spend some time, take the little ones out, the dog may be going stir crazy and we have a clearing behind ounce with that clearing we have some temperatures flipping into
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parts of the north bay. now the story will become the chilly part and this apparent low, that threat for rain is not going to go away all together. perhaps monday evening over the north bay, let me show you. we are mostly cloudy and we remain mostly dry through the 10:00 hour. you can see a few clouds and take a look. scattered showers and this will continue into theee sera as -- into the sierra as well. tuesday night into the morning here it comes. if you have travel plans, wednesday morning, it could be foggy. it looks like by wednesday afternoon, the big travel day looks good. in scar star, 37 and in santa rosa 37 and also a chilly start
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in napa this morning. 51 for mountain view. partly cloudy skies for the afternoon, 59 for san francisco, 51 in hayward. 62 santa cruz partly cloudy skies, there is your extended forecast and we will be dry for today. we will leave that slight chance into the evening hours and lasting through wednesday morning, thanksgiving day is dry and 60-degrees are expected in the afternoon. we will take a look at how much is expected coming up. continuing now a crisis in the middle east. israel fired a dome to take down the incoming missile. the 5th consecutive day of violence went on between the two sides and an indication of
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the conflict is far from over. israel called 31,000 military resistists in just the past hour. >> we have 1 million people under fire now. >> again. let's go, let's go go. >> a source says israel and gaza's militant rulers remain far apart. >> there is no word on whether they will target our house and shell us, when we came here this morning there was a house but now there is no house. >> they have killed close to 60,000 pal standians and two used by journals. they accused hamas of meeting
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in bangkok thailand. >> there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down from outside of its borders. >> we are fully portative -- supportive. >> president barack obama will head to miramar to maze democratic reforms is and the ntsb is investigating why two choppers patrology hit each other. six -- patrolling hit each other. it has not been determine fire department weather was a factor
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in that -- whether -- it has not been determined if weather was a factor in that accident. and finding the flaw, the changes being made by it hs security screening system. it is a sunny day outside. it is cold out there, make sure to bundle up and there is no more around the bay area, 7:10 you are watching morning on 2. uz
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rethink possible.
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. flights going in and out of san francisco are on time of course check with your airline. and they have figured out a new way to get around and it's concerned. officials say hackers have found a way to manipulate boarding passes so they can access the security screening lines. experts say they can be digitally edited with in a matter of minutes. >> they can go through the more stringent screening process so they can go to the precheck line and go through a far less invasive search. >> and they are now working
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with the airlines to change their barcode systems. and in mid-land texas, 4 veterans were killed when their float was hit. warning signals did go off before that entered the train passing. they used the emergency brake and it is still unclear if they signaled the horn. and they are remembering the victims of that accident in the most tragic event mid-land has ever seen. 300 people came together to sing songs and a mother and her son were among those who attended. >> earlier they were resend
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with the u.s. honor flag. the flag honors american heroes who lost their lives but it also symbol eyes a period of healing. nancy addresses the fiscal cliff and hopes both parties can strike a political agreement. she says any deal must include a tax rate for the wealthy. they closed some loop wholes which is what some republicans are considering. fresh off the presidential election, the race may have already begun and marco rubio so far he attended something for that and blames his colleagues for the fiscal cliff. >> at the same time controlling goes under, that was not an
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accident, congress chose that. >> some say rubio can attract the minority vote and they are pushing for reforms. they are trying to replace the seat once held by congresswoman gabrielle giffords. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' former aid ron barber will run for a complete -- will -- ron barber will return for a complete run for the race and postedthis message on facebook. this is great news and we are so excited our friend is representing us in congress. machine in in florida.
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democratic challenger is leading and while the margin does not automatically trigger it, ballots were miss counted. and they are protesting the country's abortion law. the protest follows the death of an indian woman to terminate her pregnancy. they are remembering the woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. she asked for the procedure after her doctor told her she was having a miscarriage and because she was in extreme pain. and researchers say there were was growing support among the african-american community today that number is up to 151% nationwide and if the -- and
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many of them will support it. and they made headlines,uc police made headlines pepper spraying the campus and they agreed to a 1 million-dollar settlement with 21 injured students. they criticized herman andment and they are urging people to stop foreclosing it and turned it into a temporary homeless shelter they turned it into assume kitchen to drive home the anti-eviction notice and they wanted to make sure the devastation. up until thanksgiving day
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volunteers will be taking items and it is not only socks, if you don't have a clean pair of socks on a wet day like today, it is tough. >> they are hoping to bring in 1,000 turkeys and the nonprofit is located there. the disney character, several children's characters were there and were lit at 6:00. and at 7:20, at this hour, people are climbing over taxes in san francisco, as the you shall been -- as the urban state gets underway and looking to the see rather as it opens
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for --ee era -- sierra has it opens for business. and i will have a look at it this sunday coming up.
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. amazing videos of what does appear to be a video. they battered the town in portugal. smashed windows and over turned cars, more than dozen people were injured. the meteorologists are trying confirm if it was in fact a twister and occasionally they do touchdown in the southern part of the continent. and cal trains and the sierra is about to air. they are running a 10 part documentary showing what goes
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into donor pass into the winter time. they focused on the last two winters with the 2010 and 2011 season being one of the best. eastbound is quiet on the roadways and you can see on the side, several inches fell, as much as two to three feet of snow could fall in some of the higher elevations. >> it looks cold out there and very pretty and it is cold here, but rosemary is tracking some chilly temperatures. >> yes, we are in the 30s in some areas along the sonoma county area. take a look how much rain fell in santa rosa but 5 5.5, i have
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to point your direction into the santa cruz mountains and ben low man reporting 3 inches right along the boardwalk, santa cruz reported about 4 / 10th and we do continue with the winter storm warning and if you have plans to drive in that direction, it continues to fall there, anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of snow in some of the resorts take a look, 37 degrees, lake county as well, most us are in the 40s and 50s but cooler, and you will notice as you get outdoors it will remain to the low 50s to 60s. we are dry, partly cloudy skies and we are below average for this time of year, monday a few chances for sprinkles over the north bay but it will hold off
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and spotty showers will be in the forecast, like out in time for the afternoon drive, it is going to be a dry day thanksgiving day. back to you. it's all for the men's race at fisherman's wharf and they will go under tires and it all has to do with at&t. finally they will have to drive over buses and tax i cabs before crossing the -- taxi cabs before crossing the finish line. and a tight game with organ late in the 4th, quarterback in the back of the end zone, he is ruled out of bounds and it would eventually get overturned and with the extra point of
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overtime we go. then they miss this field goal attempt, stamford up next with in home run, kick a 47-yarder. and cal is now over in a decade by oregon state, leading, bears lost their last five games of the season this may have been the head coach's final game. he is expected to meet with the athletic director to discuss his job status. also right now for the second time in two days, arson visioning are reporting and will have a live look at the damage.
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. it happened again for the second time in two nights, they responded to a fire at a car port. >> i am claudine wong. they describe wad caused a car to go -- described what caused a car to go up in flames and they are actually calling this
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suspicious, lorraine? >> reporter: we just spoke with the father of the vehicle, he is the father of twin toddlers and that was their only mode of transportation and a lot of these photos you see here are irreplaceable. it started on 41st and market. two cars were badly damaged and there is damage on a house next door. he just moved into the area and had not even unpacked yet. >> i couldn't but a picture here, everything was fine and all of a sudden i got woken up out of my sleep and everything was everywhere. all i could think about was the safety of my kids, getting them out.
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>> they found another two cars top offed -- torched and nobody was hurt. >> reporter: police are calling those fires suspicious and as soon as we find out more information about how this fire got started we will bring it to you. lorraine blanco ktvu news. they consider this man armed and dangerous. officers pursued two robbery suspects and at one point they got out of the car and shot a bullet at the officer. it caused a chemical agent to fill up and the other man he was with ran off.
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today is the 34th year anniversary of marking the somber anniversary. the remains of 406 people are bear rud there and 419 people lost their lives. police are expected to attend their lives. a vehicle him him and -- hit him and they tried keep the vehicle from leaving and a second person got involved. >> he backed up and tried to swing on us. >> both victims were taken to the hospital but they found the
7:34 am
car self blacks a way. >> it caused fire up the coast of the louisiana. the rig exploded on friday when they cut an oil line with a torch. 4 of the 11 survived and one man is tim misses but he will continue. they are expected to update the chevron refinery fire. it leaked 360-degree liquid which caused a vapor cloud. 4,000 people sought medical air from the fumes. the discussion will include construction when they want to see it near the campus. they are struggling to recover after a major fire.
7:35 am
flames took an old building on telegraph avenue which caused $5 million in damage. the traffic has not quite returned to the area and it has forced some businesses to lay it out. and mark christopher said he was given written permission to attend the fifth val. and he called his presence. and it in it, it read i am deeply troubled and both the diocese office and others are looking into how he got this letter. they are paying $100 to watch cat williams to perform now want their money back.
7:36 am
cell phone video shot by a fan shows williams mocking the crowd and later he then thrown fight a heckler. they carried him off the stage as people began to throw items at him. >> in oakland, he took their money bragged about getting the money bragged about it getting a bad show. we cannot reach him to find out if there are plans for refunds after his performance in fresno they tweeted his show was not funny at all and this comes after an 18-year-old berkeley resident accused him of beating him up. it is located on lakeshore drive near the 580 interchange. they say it is perfect for a
7:37 am
dog park where it will significantly be used for a new area. >> 32 american students will join others to sudden any in oxford university in haven at -- haven goes to yale and they were selected from more than 800 applicants. coming off a couple of storms, heading into a holiday week, how is turkey day looking rosemary? >> not bad, not bad as all and in some cases therapying you a
7:38 am
look. and parts of the valley floor into the north bay, if you have an early morning drive, the last bit of rain is pulling out and picking up just a few cells over parts of the east bay into contra costa, perhaps a light sprinkle and in between fairfield and vacaville. mostly that is really about it. this is the tail end. we have partly cloudy skies conditions for your sunday and we are a lot cooler and i have you covered and 47 in santa rosa and 37 with a little bit
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of cold and checking in, novato and temperatures again will be remaining cool for your sunday afternoon. you can see the storm brought us quite a bit of rain showing you some of those totals in just a bit, over theee era -- sierra, snow levels fall 1,000 feet. you can see the forms continue to roll through and we are not that far away from the seeing the next rain shower and here we are picking it up for you. we are dry most of the tomorrow and it looks like it is drying out and we are dry for the big travel day at least for the afternoon and thanksgiving day
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looks as good as well. we are dry and cool, a little bit of patchy fog. upper 50s low 60s and if you are going to the pier lighting ceremony it will be cool. 58 scar star. -- santa rosa -- scar star east bay antioch, they are shaping up and we have that chance for rain coming back on tuesday and we will last into wednesday morning and we are drying out, wednesday 67 degrees with mostly to partly have a thanks gaving feed program which provides dinner bags to residents. it is from the goodwin foundation family and in times
7:41 am
of unemployment and economic uncertainty he that bag will feed everything in the bag we would use at home. each bag was filled with butter dry goods. and it is no doubt it is causing controversy in one town, why children with guns are now sitting on santa's lap. and it is already a lined, the father of five is camping out ride now. and interstate on berkeley, at that time we had more than a dozen wrecks around the bay area and on that stretch of roadway, the clock says 7:41 on
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morning on two.
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. good morning, sunshine giving you a sweeping view, dry weather returns for your sunday. vice-president joseph biden is visiting areas and today vice-president joseph biden will travel to seaside heights and hoboken and to thank first responders. sandy destroyed much of the area and flag the record- breaking storm surge. police are looking for two
7:45 am
men who broke into a zoo and killed a monkey. a security guard spotted two men outside the fence near the prime mate exhibit. zoo security found an injured monkey and the monkey died from his injuries. >> there is no reason for this to happen. the zoo staff was very upset. lots of tears and confusion and anger. >> police did find a baseball cap near the monkey and they hope it will lead them to the person who killed the animal. we are learning just how violently a postal worker was attacked. police released a sketch of that attack which happened back in may. the u.s.a. inspection service and now they
7:46 am
say the attack was so violent the postal worker needed surgery. >> a couple of days later, he was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery so it was quite terriblable. >> they are looking to raise an award leading to an arrest and conviction. mckayla garret was last seen on mission boulevard. each year her mother holds a gathering at that market. meantime, it was located in an area where the so called speed freak killers had buried several and they are trying to determine if that bone was there. and marine corp roll was
7:47 am
shot and killed as he sped towards another officers to stop his car and they returned yesterday with his body. there is more tension between the japanese residents on the island he is accused of sneaking into a room through an unlocked door and taking a knap. they protested the alleged rape of a young woman by u air. and the woman who had an affair with general david petraeus has been spotted in public for the first time since the scandal broke. they found paula -- paula broadwell, and retired general david petraeus resigned nine
7:48 am
days ago after her affair came to light. and utah radio was his end from a pool and the presentation is going to be made from the white house. besides broadcasting a radio program, student learned about current events and team work. five days across the country people are lining up to get their hands on some big deals. i want to show you this man who pitched his tempt outside of best by and the father of five have been -- has been camping out and some want to go out week ahead. >> reporter: you have all these people camping out a week early
7:49 am
and i think that is crazy. >> he doesn't think it is crazy but people are already lining up here into the and they are standing in line to get 108- inch. last year they saw record sales with the average shopper spending nearly $400 but this year the average shopper will spend $450. black friday is turning into black thursday and not everybody is happy about it. target, woulders have started an online petition to save thanks giving for their families after it was announced
7:50 am
stores -- it was announced how far stores will go. >> stores like target are supply and demand. they will tell be in line and today they will find find out how it will be transformed into a pop up salon. the event start at not a and the city is expandingment it allows free parking and the idea is to make it easier for people to shop in oakland and small businesses. it applies to city run meters and some city own lots and
7:51 am
garages. santa is already making an appearance and santa is drawing a lot of international attention. besides posing for a picture with old st. nick, they are being offered to pick up a weapon of their choice and some say it is part of an annual tradition. >> i think it is fun. >> everybody should have a gun for protection and it is already to be able to have them so right not. and -- so why not and some people are uneasy about seeing children with machine guns. we will tell you how face
7:52 am
objectionment and some say that he have chance at winning -- winning millions. we will look at what you can expect and what we have coming up this afternoon. coming up.
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7:54 am
. a give certificate in menlo park, it was first talked about with a company made with the city on a new campus. it was a different kind of giving in indian where dozens were looking to hit the big jack pot. it was a giveaway and the first
7:55 am
two 14 players to the the free tickets but while nobody got risk it was definitely worth the risk. >> several people don't have jobs. >> according to the website, the jackpot is up to $250 million and this is the th time this year that the jackpot has jumped $50 million. and martian lynch and former buccaneers player josh johnson will be handing out all the trimmings. and it is a first come first served basis so you might want to show up early and he you
7:56 am
will also get them and fans going to today's game are encouraged to bring and donate nonperishable food items. 3 touchdowns and raiders right now are 3 and 6 and you can see today's game is at 1:00. quarterback smith is listed as questionable and smith sustained a concussion against the rams and he had been in a noncontact jersey as part of the protocol. he still needs to receive full medical clearance which includes contact test and they will start tomorrow's game. >> and in a last check of your
7:57 am
weather, they will see how cold it is and that will hopefully get a smile on your face, and now we are looking at partly cloudy skies outside of our doors. rain and snow over the sierra and it continues with that winter storm warning. and that is aware of 6,000 feet as we look to the north we have plenty of moisture and the parent storm continues in the gulf of alaska. we are dry, we are cool and chilly. napa is reporting 43 and 46234 fairfield and 4 -- 46 in concord and in the bay area. we are going to watch the raiders play again, 59 degrees and a mix sunshine and clouds winds will be light around the bay area for the afternoon.
7:58 am
62 redwood city upper 60s if you are going to be outdoors, and there was a look at it in view there and we've got nice weather as we take our way into thanksgiving and a possibility of a few scattered showers into wednesday. we continue with developing situations in the middle east. it hit a home and killed 10 civilians. and at uc davis, how the campus plans to commemorate that university. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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your head-start to home cooked.
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. let's get a quikchek of your weather -- a quick check of your weather and we are watching to see a few cells and outside of that, they are waking up with partly cloudy skies with cool conditions. over parts of the north bay, 40 degrees in santa rosa and napa and the reporting station is not popping up and napa at this hour, widespread 50s around the bay and partly cloudy skies and cool. oakland police and firefighters responded to a fire at a car port. they were live at the scene with a look at the damage, lorraine? >> well, mike the family who owns this vehicle, they just moved in and this was their only transportation and they
8:02 am
also have twin baby girls you see behind the girls, that is a huge loss as well. two cars were badly damaged and they had damage on a house next door. firefighters are still looking for a cause and one of the owners hopes to get some answers soon. >> i don't know. i hope not, but... >> i mean i was just expecting closures and it has all been taken care of. >> yesterday, oakland firefighters found another two cars torched on the 3300 block of cortland. also in the early morning hours. the police are calling fires suspicious and this is lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking for two
8:03 am
people who fatally shot a man right in front of his wife. it happened on ivy drive and hill avenue. he approached the couple who were parked in a car and demanded their valuables. they shot the man who was pronounced dead at the scene. >> it has that feel to it, i believe her purse may have been taken from her. >> the man was in his 40s and the man believed to be his wife was not hurt. the man was wearing a dark colored hoodie. and it happened on 4th and broadway around 2:00 a.m. the officer was passing two cars when it lost control and crashed into a tree. alcohol is not suspected in this crash and they still need to ask the victims about it before they finish their
8:04 am
investigation. thousands were left in the dark overnight. only 29 customers were still without power and that number has gone up to 9 customers and still no word on what caused that outage. just a few sprinklers caused heavy flooding and here in dahly city the hillside is still holding up and it caused a huge mudslide in that neighborhood. and palestinians officials have killed nearly 70 palestinians have been killed including women and children were killed when a family's two- story home was flattened.
8:05 am
palestinians say their constant attacks have wiped out numerous houses. >> all night we were worried if they were going to target our homes. when we came in there was nothing. yesterday there was a house here and today there is no house. >> they are accusing militants. >> we have more than 1 people people under fire now. >> again being again. let's go. >> palestinians air strikes are also going for power. they are taking down an
8:06 am
incoming palestinians bomb just hours ago. they rolled out the red carpet for the president. he was greeted by the thai prime minister and military guard. they talked about the important relationship they have with thailand. >> thailand is the oldest friend in asia. next year will mark 180 years of diplomatic relations. this is the last they will spend with hillary rodham clinton before she steps down next year. he will head to cambodia to praise democratic reform and they ordered a prisoner of am necessary city ahead of -- amnesty ahead of president barack obama's visit. and demonstrating on the campus requested a, when this video went -- campus quad when this went.
8:07 am
>> viral, they retired in april after an independent report criticized. the rally is planned at uc davis tomorrow. they are urging banks to stop foreclosing banks this season and they are protesting at market and 15th into a temporary homeless shelter. they are turning the area into assume kitchen for an even eye -- anti-eviction notice. the men's health urban at long race kicked off at 7:00 at fisherman's wharf and thousands of runners are going through an and tackle course in the city. runners also want to do things
8:08 am
like scale boxing with a d-j- and food and drinks. good evening it is a nice morning, a live morning with a mix of sun and clouds, and many of us are working up with a lot more sunshine than what we had yesterday. we have a dry morning and we don't need that umbrella. even a little bet of that, i want to point you to the seer why where we do continue with the storm warning over the next few hours we continue with the storm warning. we have fresh powder in the last 24 hours so if you are headed in that direction over the thanks give willing holiday it will be quite nice. we do continue with quite the
8:09 am
stormy weather and continuing through clipping the north edge we will will main dry and it will not be too long where we see at the next chance of rain. monday back cloudy and we continue to go all the way down to north of lake county and by use it a night, this will be the best bet as it sag south in the forecast tuesday into wednesday. dry conditions wake up with a little bit of patchy fog over the valley floor in santa rosa and perhaps you will find it in napa and novato. peep the jack kill andy and we are looking at partly cloudy skies skies.
8:10 am
going to be playing there may be 59, 61 fremont 64 morgan hill and 63 degrees, partly cloudy parks skies -- partly cloudy skies, maybe a slight chance for sprinkles over the north bay but it looks like we will remain dry. tuesday noyance day, 67 degrees in the afternoon and i will show you some of those totals coming up. new details, what the train engineer did right before he hit that parade float. plus save being super super storm and we have some reports
8:11 am
of a fatality on the marin county side northbound 101, traffic is very light this sunday morning and we have not confirmed and wound one, we will work on that and as soon as we get more information, we will pass it on to you.
8:12 am
8:13 am
. good morning to you, we have dry conditions outside of our door this morning,
8:14 am
unceasebly cool -- unseasonably cool weather is expected this afternoon. and they are explaining quote talking points on the attack in libya. they used the talking points in the days after the september 11th attack in a protest that turned violent. and cia officials are determining al qaeda is involved and jauned to keep the information classified. they tried to close it up and she is not sure why the attack was described as it was. and the ntsb is investigating why two pasadena police schnuck helicopters hit each other. it was between usc and ucla. one helicopter was landing when
8:15 am
it clipped a chopper when it was hit. we learned more about a military crash. four veterans were killed and their float was hit by a speeding train on thursday. federal investigators say warning signs did go off before they entered the train crossing. it used it and it is unclear if it used the signals for the horn. some are calling this the most tragedy convenient mid- land has ever seen. 300 people came together to honor four of the veterans killed in that crash. a mother and her sun trove up.
8:16 am
earlier in the day the community presented the honor flag which was originally dedicated in honor of those terror attacks. they lost their lives in new jersey. many were devastated by super storm sandy. vice-president joseph biden will traffic today to seaside heights and hoboken to thank first responders. and hoboken was -- hoboken was flooded for days. they were facing after last month -- they were facing it after last month's storm, they picked up the animals while
8:17 am
they put forth the gas bill. they will get them spayed and neutered and then offer them up for adoption. they will still in offer, ron barber for a full year term. he won a expect election and run in novemberee legs, congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is -- congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is still recovering, we a so excited our friend will be representing us in congress. while that house race is finally over, a judge is allowing another count to continue. patrick murphy is leading
8:18 am
republican incumbent, while it does not automatically count and the message for 216, they are spending the first few days in office as governor. rubio told a crowd his colleagues are to blame for the fiscal cliffs. >> at the same and that was not an accident, congress chose that. >> some believe it is growing support for the african- american community only 26% supported gay marriage and
8:19 am
today that number is 51% nationwide. and if you were to reach the valley. thousands took to the straight of abortion law. the protest follows the death of an indian woman after doctors allegedly refused to terminate her pregnancy. they remembered the woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. she asked for the procedure because she was having a miscarriage and she was in extreme pain. tsa said they are concerned and they are finding a way to manipulate the barcode on don't met particular airline boarding
8:20 am
passes. some experts say it can go through the precheck line and go through a far less invasive search. >> the tsa is working to change their barcode in systems. well, there is good news, people flying in and out of bay area reports are only experiencing minor delays. and most are looking like they are on time but you should always check with your airline before you leave your house. tight game all the way, cardinal quarterback finding zack in the back of the end -- finding zack in the back of the
8:21 am
end zone, it was overturned touchdown and now to the extra point overtime here we go. getting the ball first for oregon missing a field goal attempt that means stamp one and 37-yarder for a big victory and san jose state will look for its 10th win of the season. it is led 27 in half-time and they came back within 6 and would reach it and smart attain's linebacker forced a force -- full better. and it is the worsed over the final game by or began to state
8:22 am
-- oregon state. it may have been his final game and he is expected to meet with the athletic director as soon as today to discuss his job status. a rare sight in i europe. and dry area is filling into the bay area and i will have a look at your current conditions after the this.
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8:24 am
8:25 am
. ferocious winds in portugal. it smashed windows and over turned cars, more than a dozen people were injured. meteorologists are trying to determine if it was a twister. and occasionally it touched down in the northwest and certain parts of the continent. and national geographic is running a 10 part documentary into what is keeping 880 open in the winter and sometimes that is a tough job. they have the 20-10 and there
8:26 am
is a live picture for you and it looks like cars and trucks did fall and as much as two to three feet could fall as early as today. >> fan they did go up and what will they expect. scattered showers remaining. it has already tapered off and we have a nice break in time for your sunday. look at the satellite, you can see the storm pushing up over the east and as we mentioned there is anywhere from 9 to 15, northstar heavily, broil, looking good. take a look to the north and
8:27 am
west. that storm remains and we have over the last 24 hours and three inches over the santa cruz mountains over the bay area weather. and it is a chilly start, i have lower 40s over it, there is your e-tensed forecast dark extended forecast, dry cool sunday and monday and we will dry out in time for the afternoon travel day and thanksgiving is good with sun and clouds. they are asking you to think about others when you go to the grocery store this week. volunteers will be taking
8:28 am
donations of turkeys and canned goods. they are hoping to bring in more than 1,000 turkeys. they are doe located inarily places. more than 900. and in several businesses why nearby merchants say they are still feeling the affects. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
8:29 am
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. you can see behind me the fire started in that vehicle and that's what investigators believe and what is worse, the family who owns that car, it is their only mode of transportation. now the fire started in a 4 flex near the intersection of market. there is also smoke damage on the walls and on a house next door. they think their families are
8:32 am
their families are thankful they are safe but one store was not even unpacked yet. >> there this is their first baby clothes, i put this on them in the hospital and now it is all ruined. now that was all their toys i bought last year and now they are all gone. all their toys are gone. yes they torched another apartment on cortland avenue, also in oakland and also in the early morning hours. nobody was hurt but police are calling yesterday's fires suspicious and this morning they are still investigating this fire. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a body was found in the san francisco bay this morning following up on a fatality and the coast guard tells us, a
8:33 am
fish merman spot add body just about an hour ago and there is no word on the body or the cause of death. and in connection with a shootout, they are still on the loose and it started friday night when they found two rob rip suspects. at one point, they shot at the officers in their patrol car. it caused a chemical act to fill up the police car. police were able to catch the suspected gunman but the other man escaped. police in vallejo are looking to see if two shootings that happened within an hour of each other are somehow connected. a woman was shot in a driveby shooting and is expected to be okay. then there was another driveby shooting which happened on park avenue near janice street.
8:34 am
nobody was hurt in that shooting but the description of the car involved in both cases were quote, very similar and anybody with information is being asked to call police. and since the tragic mass suicide, the ceremony will be held at 11:00 near the evergreen cemetery to mark the somber ceremony. all together, 900 people marked it and several other dignitaries were expected to attend that event. and they are going to update them on the chevron fire in richmond. if you remember this was the scene when the refinery exploded after leaking a 600- degree liquid. more than 14,000 people did seek medical care after
8:35 am
breathing in fumes. the air quality board is going to hold a special meeting and it is going to include construction plans to on how to deal with future accidents. one year later they are struggling to survive. the fire caused $5 million in damage and nearby merchants tell the foot chronicle, foot traffic has not returned to the area and that has caused businesses to lay off employees. fans who paid up to $100 watch cat williams perform now want their money back. >> cell phone video shows william mocking the crowd and later he threatened a heckler.
8:36 am
body guards carried him off. >> he is done out here, oakland san francisco, he dissed them to their face, bragged about getting their money and bragged about it being a bad show. >> they are looking into whether he will be getting refound. he sweeted after being beaten outside the hotel yesterday. and witnesses say a woman was putting items in the trunk of her car when a vehicle hit her on 105th and east avenue. some people nearby tried to keep the driver from leaving and that's apparently when a second person was injured. >> we were trying to get him out of his cars and then he ran
8:37 am
over my legs. >> the suspected drunk driver did take off. he was allowed to a tip an event. mark christopher said he was and they called his presence a mistake and a violence of the diocese policy. quote he said i am deeply troubled and upset this follow -- policy was not followed. they are looking into how he got that letter. the fight of a proposed dog park is headed to the oakland city council. it will be located on lakeshore drive near the area.
8:38 am
they are scheduled to hear the issue on december 4th. several students are now part of the newest group of road scholars. 32 american students will gin oxford. rachel cole, a master and carolyn laporte who goes to yale and is from l-berg. they picked from more than 80 applicants. >> where were you and the raiders are 3 and 6. you can see fist we have the fox pre-game show at 9:00 right after this show and tv vu
8:39 am
and lastly against the rams he has been with them and he still needs to receive full medical clearance which includes a compactest. he will start tomorrow night. and san francisco officers will be out at candle stick. they are part of the void grant and they patrolled the corridor from 7:00 tomorrow night through 3:00 a.m. tuesday. oaklandty council, which provide thousands of dinner ship bags. and they said in times of high unemployment and economic uncertainty communities need to
8:40 am
pull together to help. >> even though we give out 1,000 bags, that thousand will feet close to 6,000 and we put everything in the about bag we can could use at home. they nut dried vegetables and a turkey. good day, you can see blue skies over san jose and sunshine is bouncing off those buildings with clear skies and come condition. we are here with vacaville just having a few sprinkles and outside of that, sierra will continue to deal with scattered showers and a storm warn until
8:41 am
10:00 and rain starts to fall. and this will bring us more rain tomorrow. let me show you what happened, a mix of sunshine and clouds but we are dry, by monday afternoon we are mainly dry, quite a bit of cloud cover, a little bit of moisture and a little bit of drizzle on parts of the north bay. we will have that possibility and by tuesday night ,it just south enough to bring the ability of scattered shower and wednesday is one of the biggest travel days of the year and we will of course be tracking that for you. cooler conditions and any where from 10 to 20 degrees and chillier at this hour than yesterday.
8:42 am
unceasebly cool weather and maybe a few scattered showers have dipped to 37 this morning. napa is still not reporting, low-to-mid 40s and 48 in fairfield, widespread 50s around the bay. low 50s and some sunshine and hopefully that will put a smile. 69 in san francisco if you are going to the tree-lighting ceremony, 39 for the evening hours. blank your jacket, mostly come a and we are driving out wednesday afternoon and 7 defreeze. some people are already
8:43 am
lining up and we will speak to one man who said he has camped out for the start nine years. let's look at 880, it is just fine but keep in mind it may be a different story. traffic always gets heavier and we are headed to the raiders saints game. you are watching mornings on 2.
8:44 am
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. tomorrow marks 24 years, she was last seen and each year her mother marks each year she is missing. they will tie a ribbon in her honor tomorrow and they are still waiting on test results from a bone that was discovered from where the speed killer had committed murders. and it is near the site of
8:47 am
an oil rig that caught fire. the workers cut the line with a torch. four workers suffered major burns. the coast guard is no longer searching for the missing man but divers are going to continue to look for him today. >> police are looking for two men. a security guard spotted to men outside -- spotted two men outside the fence. they found the monkey injured and the monkey later died from his injuries. >> there is no reason for this to happen. everybody here is taking it hard and the zoo staff has taken this hard, let's of tears, confusion, anger. >> police did find a baseball cap near the monkey and they hope it will lead them to the
8:48 am
person who killed the animal. we are learning more about how violent a coastal worker was attacked. an inspection has been underway ever since. they say he hit the worker in the head and stole hundreds of pieces of male. the attack was so violent that the postal worker needed surgery. >> he had to undergo surgery and it was quieterrable. >> it is a federal crime and there is a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. and into the japanese island, police have arrested a marine. he is accused of sneaking into an unlooked door protesting at alleged rain and they reported
8:49 am
an assault. those incidents throat a curfew on all troops on japan. and that body was shot and killed, he has been brought back to the bay area. marine corp roll was shot and killed when officers say he sped towards an officer ignoring officers to stop his car. he returned yesterday with his body. and the woman who had an affair with former general david petraeus has been spotted. a camera caught paula broadwell and her husband who was reportedly visiting her brother. the count lives in charlotte and -- the couple lives in charlotte. they are trying to get
8:50 am
their hands on some pretty big deals. he pitched his tent outside this best by on thursday -- best buy on thursday. he has been camping out for the past nine years and some people say he is just a little too wacky. >> i understand the concept of saving money but going out a week ahead is a little crazy. >> very comfortable and he doesn't care because he saves about $1,000 each year by camping out each year. many folks say they are waiting in line for an lcd television. they saw real things and the
8:51 am
average shopper will be spending more than $250. toys-r-us and sears are all opening their doors thanksgiving night. target workers from california started an online petition to save thanksgiving for their families after it was announce that store would happen. >> experts say it is all about competition. employees are upset they have to work and many shoppers say they will still be getting in line. many popular toys are going on sale, the wee and it is the company's most advanced system yet in its first game consol to be released since the original whee. it plays a traditional
8:52 am
controller and it will cost $350 to buy the new gaming system. there was a new kind of gaming system where dozens were looking to buy the big jack pot. the first 214 players in line at the local diner got those free tickets and while they say the odds were slim, it was worth the risk. and it is bad. i mean look, hostess is shutting down now and there are many people who don't have jobs. >> according to their website, the jackpot is now at $250 million. and a special honor, why youth radio works and is receiving an award from the white house. partly cloudy skies, they will highlight and we will have the numbers for your area
8:53 am
coming up. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving.
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8:55 am
. they had 50 organizations to receive a youth program award. first lady will hand the award to youth representatives at the white house and students will receive more about radio work
8:56 am
and they also learned more. and in arizona one santa is drawing some extra attention. families are being offered an edgier prop and they are letting families pick out their weapon of choice in their christmas photo. some say it is all part of an annual competition. >> every year i do this as a tradition and i think it is fun. >> everyone should have a gun for protection. >> and not everyone thinks it's okay and they are talking about it being easier. and thanks for two nfl stars, friends and families martian lynch and josh johnson will be handing out turkeys at
8:57 am
3:00. organizers say it is on a first come first serve basis but you might want to show up. fans are going to today's game and they are encouraged to donate perishable eye -- none perfect missionable -- nonperishable items. >> we will remain dry with cool conditions. upper 50s outside your door 43 in santa rosa. and 48234 fairfield, -- 38 in fairfield and a mix of sun and clouds, 62 in oakland for today's game at the coliseum.
8:58 am
59234 san francisco, if 6 -- 59 in san francisco. mostly cloudy tomorrow, temperatures are running on the cool side, we will remain dry until tuesday afternoon. a chance of rain comes back. this is a huge travel day and it looks like we will be drying out in time for thanksgiving as well. >> all of those thanksgiving day turkeys will be dry. >> well, that is our report, we are ending a little early for the fox pre-game show. our next forecast will be right after the saints game and of course we are always here for you on our website and mobile ktvu. have a great sunday everyone.
8:59 am
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